Jul 14 2011

Cobb County Animal Control to waive fees for ‘senior’ cats

Valerie Hayes
Dewey the cat  (ID No. 531900) is 9 years young and still has many more years ahead of him.

Dewey the cat (ID No. 531900) is 9 years young and still has many more years ahead of him.

What can one (determined) person do?  With the backing of a lot of other determined people, quite a lot.

I recently received an email from Vicki Hammond, who writes about pets for the Smyrna Patch:

I was told tonight by the operations manager at Cobb County Animal Control that he is willing to give senior cats for free (waving the $110 adoption rate) so he doesn’t have to put them down. (I believe his heart is melting and I want to take advantage of the opportunity) The shelter has so many cats and as usual the senior ones aren’t being adopted (7 years and up – fully vetted). This is a milestone (as any of you that know the workings of the shelter will attest to). He will give them to rescue groups or to individuals. If you have room (or someone you know has room) at your rescue, home, or business for a senior cat please contact me ASAP and I will make sure it happens.

I hope that we can get some of these babes out and into loving homes.

It is okay to post this on Facebook and to send out to your rescue groups. It is an official (although unofficial) notice. Don is tired of seeing so many put down - alleluia.

Please contact me* since the staff (other than those in the meeting will most likely not be aware). I will hold him to his word, and I have witnesses.   [emphasis added]

A seven-year-old cat still has many more years ahead of them.  Cats can routinely live into their teens with good care, and some even make it into their twenties.  Cats that have been around the proverbial block a couple of times are generally a bit more laid-back than the youngsters, so a ‘pre-owned’ cat may even be preferable for your home.  This idea is definitely a step in the right direction, and it would be great if this offer could be extended to dogs as well.  Heck, I’d like to see promotions like this offered for any animal whose life is in danger in any shelter anywhere, regardless of their age.  The Nevada Humane Society under the direction of Bonney Brown has done many creative adoption promotions, and they have one of the best save rates in the nation to show for it.

Maybe you could do what Vicki did and negotiate an offer they can’t refuse at your local shelter.  What are they going to do?  Say no?

Cobb County Animal Control is located at:

1060 Al Bishop Drive
Marietta, Georgia 30008

Phone: (770) 499-4136
Fax: (770) 590-5620

Adoption hours are:  Tuesday-Saturday 9:30 am-5:30 pm and Sunday 2-5 pm.

*Link goes to Vicki’s article, which has an ‘email the author’ link for contacting her.

If you’ve tried anything like this, I’d love to hear your story in the comments.