Comment Policy

I started this blog to inform, educate, inspire and entertain, to stimulate productive discussion, and to serve as a creative outlet.

I did not create this blog to suffer fools.   Please note that I consider killing apologists to be fools of a particularly loathsome variety.

Fools (especially killing apologists) and trolls will be used for target practice until they cease to be amusing, at which point they will be unceremoniously  banned.  Please note that such individuals may wear out their welcome very quickly, including before their first comment makes it out of the moderation queue.

I don’t care much for drive-by comments or anything spammy either.  And I hate hate speech.

I prefer that you use your real name or established online handle.  I understand that there may be times when someone, such as a shelter volunteer, may want to conceal their identity for fear of reprisal, and you can do that, but in my experience, ‘Anonymous’ can be a real jerk with which you probably do not want to associate yourself, so please don’t use that as your name.

All first-time comments are moderated.  If you sign in with a different email address or if you misspell your name or email, your comment will also end up in the moderation queue.  If you include multiple links in your post, it too will end up in moderation.